South Champs Learning Center is an educational institution recognized by the Department of Education which specializes in preschool and elementary.  The school follows the Progressive approach in teaching which promotes learning by doing or what is called experiential learning.  We believe that the students absorb and retain what they learn through experience.

The SCLC curriculum is based on Howard Gardner's Theory on Multiple Intelligences where we try to discover the child's range of abilities. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop their minds and abilities through different approaches, materials, and experiences.

Philosophy: We believe in providing a holistic learning experience through an effective and innovative curriculum that would enrich each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual and creative growth. 

Mission: Our mission is to promote educational excellence, personal responsibility, and holistic growth, to help our students to discover and develop their talents and to fulfill their best potentials. 

Vision: We are a quality educational institution developing and shaping future champions.


Let your kids experience a fun approach in learning! 

467 Real Street Alabang-Zapote Road Almanza 1 Las Pinas City

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