E-Learning Program


1. This is done purely online.

     Students need to have a desktop/laptop/tablet and a stable internet connection at home.  The teacher will be conducting lessons and giving schoolwork and assessments online.

2.  There will be live, virtual classes with the teachers and classmates.

       There will be scheduled online classes with the teacher and classmates for more live interaction, to further encourage student engagement and socialization, even while at home.  These virtual classes are  scheduled by the teacher and will notify the parents ahead of time to ensure preparation.  There would be at least 3 to 4 virtual classes in a week, while the rest of the time will be used for schoolwork using the online learning platform. Students will still have to log in and do their exercises, as the teacher monitors their output and attendance.

        The parents may choose either morning or afternoon classes for their child.  Classes would be approximately 2 hours or more depending on the level and the lesson/activity for that day.

3. Student access to our online learning platform

     The online learning platform is our virtual school. Students will be given their own login credentials and they will be able to access their class, schedule, calendar, recorded lessons, required schoolwork as well as an e-library with different resources.  This is also where students are going to send and upload their work output for the teacher to check.  The students may also work on their schoolwork or even review their lessons in their own time.  All schoolwork will be done using the online platform which will be checked by the teacher, all they have to do is answer and submit.

     The online learning platform will also have challenges, games and other engaging online activities for the students and their parents.

4.  This learning program is facilitated by the teachers.

      All materials are made and delivered by the teachers to the students thru the online learning platform.  The parents will just assist the students with their homework at home, if there is any.  

5. Parents can track the progress of their child/children.

     The parents will also have access to the online learning portal where they can track the progress of their child.  


1.  The students are continuously encouraged to develop interest in learning even during the new normal. 

2. The parents can ensure that their children's education will not stop even during this time.  Busy parents need not to worry about their children's education because the teachers will be the one to facilitate.

3.  The students will still have interaction with their peers and classmates while they are safe home. 

4. The students are trained to have self-discipline when it comes to studying.

5. Students can enjoy educational activities and games while at home.


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