Learning Program


1. This is done online or offline.

     The parents may download the materials online or pick-up the materials and books from school. We can also have the printed materials and books sent to your homes.  No need to leave the house!

2.  This program is facilitated by the parent, assisted by the teachers.

      The parent will be the "teacher" at home in this learning program.  The teachers will provide the parents a curriculum guide and lesson plans that they can follow at home.   We will also provide a parent's guide and the how-to's of teaching your child at home.  The teachers will work closely with the parents to ensure the learning of the students.

3.  Books and other materials are provided by the school.

       We will provide you learning modules and a monthly learning packet with a parents guide.  All you have to do is follow and execute at home with your child.  

        The parents may also provide their own supplemental materials and references as they wish.  They can be as creative as they can be in teaching their children at home.

        Quarterly assessments will also be given by the teacher, either thru online exams or output-based exams. 

4. Self-paced, flexible schedule

     This program follows your own schedule. No need to worry about deadlines!  The parent and child can work at their own pace and convenient time. 

     All work output will be submitted back to the teachers at the end of every month for checking and assessment.  The grades will also be uploaded to the system of DepEd for submission.  The teachers will give their assessment and recommendation to the parent upon checking students output.



1. There is a one-on-one interaction between the parent and the child.  The parent gets to focus on the child's learning and development in his/her studies. 

2.  The parents have the convenience of planning their own schedule as they wish.

3. The parents may also provide other activities for the their child.

4.  This program may be customized according to the student's learning style and pace.

5. No need for internet or gadgets to ensure the continuity of the program.

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