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Learning Program

B. Program details

1. Materials provided

     The students will receive a set of modules compiled into booklets, and a complete set of books for their             level. Preschool students will receive additional learning materials such as flash cards and other visual aids.

2. Contents of a module

    One module consists of one lesson.  It includes the objectives, target skills, parents guide, parents                      checklist, lesson proper, practice worksheet and graded worksheet.


2. Number of modules

     We will compile all the lessons of one quarter into one booklet per subject.  Students will receive                      one booklet per subject, at the beginning of every quarter.  

      For example, the student has 5 subjects.  He/she will receive 5 booklets (1 booklet per subject) at the                  beginning of every quarter.

3.  Shipment of modules

      The booklets will be shipped at the beginning of every quarter: August, November, January and March.              The shipping fee is already included in the tuition fee.  The books will be sent in August, together with              the first set of modules.


        Start of the school year is in August and will end in May. 

4.  Submission of modules

       All modules should be answered and sent back to the school for checking, at the end of every quarter.               Book assignments can either be scanned or photocopied, and submitted back to the school together with         the answered modules.

5.  Quarterly assessments

      DepEd no longer requires a periodical exam for quarterly assessments.  Our final requirement at the end          of the quarter is a portfolio; a compilation of the worksheets, books and other performance tasks that the          teacher may assign for the students to accomplish.