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Enrollment ongoing 
for academic year 
2023 to 2024



A premium progressive school in the South


SCA is a small school community that focuses on the quality of learning and social development of its students.  A small school community provides students with many different benefits especially when there is a low student-teacher ratio.  This way, the school can effectively execute the progressive approach and ensure the holistic growth of the students.  Aside from that, a small school community can also provide the students with the following advantages: 

1. Smaller class sizes and personalized education
With small classes, teachers know more about their students, across their academic, emotional and even medical needs. Teachers can easily monitor every student's progress and tailor learning to each student's needs and abilities. Personalized education leads to a more enriching and tailored classroom experience and ensures the quality of student learning.  Since there is more student engagement, there is a higher percentage of students who have a strong desire to learn.  

2. Social development and a strong sense of community

In smaller classes, students get more exposure and opportunities to be seen and heard.  They have more experience in expressing themselves, thus, developing their self-confidence.  You also find with small schools, there is a greater sense of community. The community  spirit between students helps children to socially interact better and feel safe to try new things and discover new interests. There are also more opportunities to interact with their peers across all levels and establish connections to create an inclusive, open and positive environment where every student would feel a sense of belongingness. Studies have linked having a strong sense of community to better academic performance, positive feelings of self-worth, and social acceptance.

3. Student's safety
With a lower school population, the whole student body is well-monitored by the faculty and school administration.  There is also a better relationship between parents and the school, and it is easier for the parents to be more involved in the school community.  

For academic year 2024-2025, SCA will offer Nursery until Grade 6.   We will only accept a maximum of 12 students per section in preschool. For Grades 1 to Grade 6, we will only accept a maximum of 15 students per section.  


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