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FOR SY 2024-25

The SCA Online Distance Learning Program is a flexible, simple and straightforward program designed to be convenient and manageable for students and parents who prefer to study at their own pace, but still enjoy the benefits of being part of a class and having interaction with classmates and teachers.  

The program is aligned with SCA'S "The Whole Child" curriculum which takes on a holistic approach in the development of the child, focusing not only on academics but also on character formation, values, life skills and emotional well-being.  

Features of the SCA Online Distance Learning Program:

-Google Classroom and Google Meet for online classes
-SCA School Management System 
-Koobits for Math
-E-library account
-Special non-academic classes(extra-curricular) and workshops
-Webinars for students and parents

Our online distance learning program is a combination of online classes and asynchronous days which gives students more flexibility with their schedule. Teachers will be providing full support and assistance even during asynchronous days to ensure the efficient execution of our curriculum and the learning of the students.  Parents will also be guided to ensure the success of the program at home. 

Experience a fun and progressive education at the comfort of your home, anywhere in the Philippines or abroad. 



Primary (Grade 1 - 3)
Online Classes - Tuesdays and Thursdays
Asynchronous days - Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Intermediate (Grade 4 - 6)
Online Classes - Mondays and Wednesdays

Asynchronous days - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays



Enroll this May and get all the books for free! Promo is until May 30, 2024


For old students, please fill-out this Registration Form.

For new students, please fill-out this Registration Form.


1. We are abroad, can we still enroll?
    Yes, students from all over the world can enroll as long as they are willing to attend the scheduled online classes.  We can ship the books to you for an additional cost for the international shipping.

2. We are from the province, can we still enroll?
    Yes, students from all over the Philippines can enroll. We will ship the books to you for free.

3. Can we attend face-to-face school events?
     Yes, all the students are welcome attend and join the school events. Online students attendance is optional.  Online students are also eligible to join contests, if any.

4. Do you have a uniform?
    Online students are required to wear a white, collared-shirt in attending online classes to keep are classes formal.  Parents can provide or purchase their own white, collared-shirt. 

5. Are you DepEd accredited?
   Yes, we are DepEd accredited.  We have a permit from the Department of Education in the Philippines.

6. Do you accept transferees?
   Yes, we do accept new students and transferees.

7. What are the mode of payments?
    We do accept cash, checks, online bank transfer and credit cards


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