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Do I need to have an assessment before the child starts school?

This is required especially for new students because we need to gauge where the child will be starting from.  The school gives an assessment every quarter to monitor the progress of each student that is why the initial assessment is very important.

For the Toddler Playschool, my child does not speak yet. Can he/she still attend?

One of the main objectives of our Toddler Playschool is Speech Development.  Through regular socialization and interaction with peers and teachers, we encourage and practice the children to verbally express themselves as early as 2 years old.

For the Toddler Playschool, is the child required to finish the whole school year?

We are flexible with the Toddler Playschool, they have the option to stop at any time during the school year.  However, if they have already attended at least a week in a particular month, they are required to settle the fee for that month.

Can I pay the enrollment fee after the school starts?

We require full payment of the enrollment fee before the start of the school.  We follow a first come, first served basis when it comes to enrollment as we only have limited slots per class.

What is the language used in your school?

Our medium of instruction across all levels is English.  However, those who are having difficulty in speaking English are guided accordingly.

How often do you give homework?

As a Progressive school, we rarely give homework unless an activity was not finished in school.  We highly encourage family time and play time when the child is no longer in school for a well-balanced student life.

What if my child no longer wants to go to school?

Our school uses methods and strategies that are age-appropriate for every level.  We ensure to stimulate every child’s natural curiosity and learning through fun and engaging activities that children will surely enjoy.

Do you go on school fieldtrips?

Yes, we do.  School field trips allow children to open their eyes to new environments and new cultures. It positively shapes their perspective on a global level and triggers ideas and solutions that may not stem from their natural everyday behavior and habits. Moreover, students who go on field trips become more empathetic, tolerant and respectful towards different culture and the society as a whole


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